About us

Our ambition
QurioCare contributes to providing better quality care at the right costs. We offer healthcare institutions and suppliers a simple and independent online platform for the procurement and sale of medical products & devices.

Why did we start QurioCare?
Because we see a lot of potential to improve collaboration via a shared tender platform for Dutch health institutions. Better collaboration offers opportunities for both healthcare institutions and suppliers. Not only does it keep our healthcare costs under control, but it also enables us to work together on a sustainability strategy for a sector that can make a significant contribution. And let’s not forget that it also makes the work of medical professionals, purchasers and suppliers more enjoyable and impactful!

In 2019, we began developing the initial ideas. After the first successful pilots conducted on behalf of several independent clinics, we started thinking about how to further develop this concept. In doing so, the following aspects were important to us:

  • Providing a secure, long term independent platform
  • The ability to scale-up to make a real impact
  • Maintaining autonomy over the procurement of medical products for healthcare institutions.

With these principles in mind, we teamed up with our technology partner IG&H in 2022 to initially develop a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). In 2023, with the help of several hospitals and suppliers, we introduced a Proof of Concept to the market. With the experiences gained, we further developed the MVP into a mature application at the end of 2023.