About us

Our ambition
QurioCare contributes to the care of better quality at lower costs. We offer healthcare institutions and suppliers a simple and independent online platform for purchasing and selling medical supplies. Supply and demand come together under the control of QurioCare. With this, we facilitate a transparent and balanced market for medical supplies, for healthcare institutions and suppliers.

Our core values

  • Acting openly, honestly, and respectfully with integrity.
  • Taking responsibility with an eye on the social relevance of the sector, the users of the platform, and for the continuity of the services provided.
  • Building sustainable relationships with all parties involved. This is achieved based on trust and clear agreements.
  • Emanating craftsmanship by delivering quality and innovation.

Cooperation with IG&H
Since 2022 we have been working together with IG&H on the construction and further technical development of the platform

Looking for more information
Are you looking for more information about admission, the platform or the benefits? We are happy to explain the ins and outs of how the platform works.